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SRA Standards Committe Approves SRA Handbook

March 2011

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has confirmed that the SRA's Standards Committee has considered the responses received to the recently closed consultation on the new SRA Handbook and has approved an amended draft Handbook for submission to the full SRA Board for approval at their forthcoming meeting on 15 March 2011.

It a press release the SRA said the Standards Committee had assured itself that the consultation responses had been fully considered and that the Handbook met the principal points raised. The committee was confident that the Handbook provided a robust set of regulatory arrangements to enable the implementation of outcomes-focused regulation in October 2011.

At Legal Finance Professionals Limited we are busily updating our SRA accredited CPD training courses and from May 2011 onwards our courses which include, SRA Handbook: Code of Conduct, SRA Accounts Rules: A Practical Guide to Compliance, Practical Client Care for Solicitors and Acting for Solicitors: A Guide for Reporting Accountants will be based on the new rules contained within the SRA Handbook and are due to come into force from 6th October 2011.

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