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IPReg Training

Legal Finance Professionals provide the following IPReg training course.

  • Regulation by IPReg

NEW: Regulation by IPReg

3 CPD Hours

This course will include a detailed examination of IPReg‘s current Code of Conduct and Litigators Code together with relevant guidance issued by IPReg to ensure that delegates are in the best position to achieve compliance within their firms. Leading subject expert, Richard Lane, will look at the handling of clients’ money under the IPReg Code of Conduct and Litigators Code by considering IPReg‘s guidance and generally accepted best practice in relation to the proper handling and accounting for clients’ money. Delegates will learn about the role and obligations of the Head of Legal Practice (HoLP) and Head of Finance & Administration (HoFA) under IPReg regulation. Consideration will also be given to the new Money Laundering Regulations 2017, which came into force in June 2017, and the thorny question as to whether or not IPReg entities fall within the regulated sector.

The Regulation by IPReg training course content is as follows:


  • IPReg's Approach to Regulation

The Roles of HoLP & HoFA

  • Who can act as HoLP and/or HoFA
  • How to be an effective HoLP and/or HoFA
  • Reporting obligations
  • Contingency planning

IPReg Code of Conduct

  • Key Provisions

IPReg Litigators Code

  • Key Provisions

Client Money Guidance

  • Rule 11 Code of Conduct
  • Rule 10 Litigators Code
  • What is Client Money?
  • Client Money Best Practice
  • Maintaining Proper Accounting Records

Client Care

  • Client Care Letters - IPReg Guidance

Money Laundering Regulations 2017

  • Changes to the UK anti-money laundering legislation from June 2017
  • Are Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys in the regulated sector?

Open Forum

  • A chance to ask questions and discuss issues of interest

This course has been designed to provide guidance to partners, managers, HoLP‘s, HoFA’s and other compliance staff working within firms of Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys subject to regulation by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg).

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