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Residual Client Ledger Balance Clearance Service

If your firm has residual client ledger balances issues, we can help you.

Our Residual Client Ledger Balance Clearance Service offers legal firms a bespoke solution to residual client ledger balance issues with the scope of the work to be undertaken being agreed with each prospective client in advance.

We will deal with all administrative aspects of the process from identifying and tracing clients, and, where necessary, reviewing client matter files through to preparing the covering letters to be sent out to clients or third parties. For any balances in excess of £500 where the client cannot be traced, we will make a waiver application to the Solicitors Regulation Authority under rule 20.1 (k) of the SRA Accounts Rules 2011 seeking authority to pay such balances to charity.

We understand that certainty of costs is important to most firms and will usually agree a fixed fee for the service we provide.

To find out more about our Residual Balance Clearance Service please contact Richard Lane on 0330 223 5346 for a confidential discussion.

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